Just amazing!

     Sometimes we are faced with difficult stains in the laundry. When I went to collect all the sheets for the week I noticed my son had blood all over his pillow case. Apparently he had a bloody nose in the middle of the night. The stains were already dried, so I was a little nervous about them coming out. I took my Prespot and sprayed the entire case down so as not to miss any. I threw them in the wash with my Melabright laundry detergent and viola! The stains all came out. Much to my surprise because blood is one of the more difficult stains to remove. I just love all my safe, toxin free cleaners. I would never buy anything again. Not only are they effective on tough stains, but because they are all concentrated, they last so long. Even in a house of five.  These are just a few of the many products that my company offers. All of which are economical and safe for the family and the environment. If you or anyone you know is interested in removing the toxins from your home and replacing them with safer alternatives, contact me. I would love to share with you all the information on how to get these and many more wonderful products. Have a healthy day!

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